ISIP S.R.L. is an engineering company specialized in the integration of production processes, combining concepts of automation, supervision, acquisition and data processing, in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Also with extensive experience in Engineering Project Management, in various projects of power plants and thermoelectric power generation.

Supported by professionals with more than 35 years of experience in research disciplines and project development in the areas of Robotics, CAD CAM, PLC's, SCADA systems, process automation and industrial computing.

This allows us to offer comprehensive engineering solutions, providing creativity, capacity, flexibility and experience to the quality and competitiveness requirements of your company, from the stage of definition of general and detail engineering, implementation and commissioning / documentation according to work and operation and maintenance training.

Industry 3.0: integral automation of manufacturing and productive processes. Level 2 - total integration (I.T.): of control PLCs and field touch panels and supervision and control systems (SCADAs), from the entry of raw materials to the exit of pallets of finished products in the warehouse.
Industry 4.0: digitization and comprehensive control of the entire company value chain. M.E.S. (Manufacturing Execution System): are computerized systems used in manufacturing to track and document the transformation of raw materials into finished products. MES provides information that helps manufacturing decision makers understand how current conditions in the plant can be optimized to improve production. MES works in real time to allow the control of multiple elements of the production process (for example, consumption, personnel, machines and support services). The MES allows reducing bottlenecks and stops due to material and tool changes, implementing automated production management to reduce losses in these changes. It allows to adequately manage the transformation of materials into finished and packed products. Integration M.E.S: (Manufacturing Execution System), with the M.R.P. (Manufacturing Resources Planning) of the Company or Business Group (J.D. Edwards or S.A.P.).
Our company has developed projects of varying complexity, from the reconversion and automatic control of equipment and production units to the implementation of C.I.M. (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) for industrial plants and thermoelectric power generation.

From 2020 three implementations of Industry 4.0 were developed in our country, together with the companies Cisco Systems (Comunicaciones F.O.) and Siemens S.A. (M.E.S. IT). These Integrations were made with integration to the M.R.P., J.D. Edwards (U.S.A.).
* 2020: Plant 1 of Bagley Argentina S.A. production of cookies, in the City of Salto, province of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic.
* 2020: Plant 2 of Bagley Argentina S.A. production of cookies, in the City of Salto, province of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic.
* 2021: Plant 2 of ARCOR S.A. for the production of chocolates, in the City of Colonia Caroya, province of Córdoba, Argentine Republic.


SIEMENS integrator in automation and control.

Small, medium and high-end PLC applications.

Project, development, implementation and start-up / commissioner of automatic control systems.

Design and implementation of instrumentation and control networks. Field networks Profibus DP, Profibus PA. 10/100 / 1GB industrial ethernet data networks with redundant F.O. Connectivity solutions via internet or intranet.

Integration of Siemens Simatic S7300 and Simatic S71500 (Tia Portal) PLC technologies.

Industrial graphical touch panels for Simatic Comfort HMI line operation.

SCADA / D.C.S. systems based on Industrial Computers developed in Simatic WinCC.


System Integrator (SI) Factory Link systems.

WinCC SIEMENS non-exclusive integrator and distributor.

Project, development, implementation and fine-tuning of supervision and control systems.

SCADA, MES, HMI systems. Mono and multi user configurations.

Interfaces with Control PLCs: point to point, Profibus networks, ethernet, Token Ring.

Telesupervision by radio frequency, intranet or internet.

LAN and WAN network systems.

Administration of hierarchical control functions of industrial plants.

Visualization and monitoring of processes.

Programming of equipment and production lines. Device parameterization.

Recipe management systems. Batch processes.

Statistical analysis and control systems.

Record of trends of plant variables in real time and history.

Systems for registering alarms, reports and databases of plants and processes.

SCADA systems with Simatic WinCC, HMI supervision and control.

D.C.S. systems (Distributed Control System).

Connectivity to databases and MRP systems (J.D. Edwards and S.A.P.).